addicted to you

It’s unfathomable why you let the things you love the most go. It reminds me of a smoker, so much in need of his daily dose of nicotine. however, the minute he gets a taste, he lets it all out in a puff of smoke to disappear into thin air. as if it meant nothing, as if it hadn’t touched his heart or circled his lungs. as if it didn’t leave a footprint while it flooded his chest, a foot print that is so easily erased if only he’d quit but he never does,does he?. why is it that we live in a state of limbo, where it is always safe and easy. Just like a cat and mouse chase where he shows you a part of his essence then sucks you out of his system, but you never leave completely, do you? you always leave a part within to remind him that he craves you again. to ensure that every single time he came back, back to you. It’s always you.


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