my treasure ”The forty Rules of Love”

I don’t give five stars lightly, But i can confidently say that this is definitely the best book i have ever read. You don’t just read a book like this you experience it. I fell in love with the characters and in turn i felt their sorrow, heartbreak and happiness. I could relate to Sufism as i have adopted the same method of thinking i haven’t labeled myself as such though and still couldn’t as i did not reach the stage where i could call my self a Sufi yet. I didn’t want to finish reading this novel as it felt like a companion and made me feel very peaceful i was both happy and sad when i ended it as i would be parting with such a treasure but thankfully i am an Arabic speaker so i believe i would like to experience this beautiful treasure with another language. This is the kind of book that could change you forever it’s like a turning point in your life where it divides it into two parts your life before and after. you will be a changed person after reading it or you will be more of the same. Normally i finish books faster than this but i wanted to relish every single word and think about every single scene and rule and apply it to my life, i would reread certain pages again and again to fully experience the emotions to the extent that you feel like you’re a part of the novel and the scenes taking place. The words here are alive and effective and beautiful beyond imagination.


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