I’m Sick of White Dudes

I’m Sick of White Dudes.

i cant believe this is even being discussed, i’m surprised we live in the 21st century and then they tell you there’s no racism. what is the problem with an african american being Johnny storm what is so weird about that ?!!! i’ll tell you .. Nothing get your head out of your ass for once and stop being racist it wont cost you a thing i swear its free.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sick of White Dudes

  1. The more beloved the character, the less accepting fans will be of change. Imagine when Star Wars is eventually rebooted if the people making it decided to make Lando Calrissian white. You might very well get the same negative reaction.

  2. There’s nothing in the original character that says he should be white, as long as nothing substantial is changed in the character it should not be considered a change. This goes both ways.

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