Forty Rules of Love

Forty Rules of Love

i believe this book is going to be my undoing. I’m currently reading it and more than half way done it’s giving me a nervous break down. I’ve never ever read anything so beautiful in my life, will be writing a review soon enough.


I’m Sick of White Dudes

I’m Sick of White Dudes.

i cant believe this is even being discussed, i’m surprised we live in the 21st century and then they tell you there’s no racism. what is the problem with an african american being Johnny storm what is so weird about that ?!!! i’ll tell you .. Nothing get your head out of your ass for once and stop being racist it wont cost you a thing i swear its free.

Lessons in Feminism, from My Father

a few lessons on good parenting built on mutual respect.

path: ethic.

I remember one time, my parents and I were travelling in the car on the way home from somewhere. I remember travelling in the car with them a lot, when I was young. We lived on a farm, so even going to the local town meant a good 45 minutes in the car. So obviously, to pass the time, we often talked together. One of the interesting things about my memories of these conversations is how many of them were about ideas. We didn’t really talk about what was happening on the farm or at school. We talked about more abstract concepts.

On this particular occasion, Dad was talking about church, and mentioned something he’d said in a sermon. ‘Could I give sermons when I grow up?’ I asked him. ‘Could I be a priest?’

It was the mid-80s. We were Anglican Church-goers, and the idea of women in the…

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body language

body language

Everything you do is language, body language.
I can fall in love with you from the way you move,
the way you dance,
the way you talk and smile and blink and stare,
and how you run your hands through that messy hair.
The way you touch, you hug, and run up the stairs.
the way you sleep and how you sit on a chair.
do you now understand why i like to dance?